Frequently asked questions

Does Walla Walla Naturopathic take my insurance?

Most private health insurance plans offer some sort of naturopathic benefits. Please check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage.

Dr McClintock is contracted with First Choice, Lifewise, Premera and Regence.  She is an “out-of-network” provider for all other insurance companies.

Walla Walla Naturopathic is not able to accept Medicare or Medicaid at this time.

Can a naturopathic physician be my primary care provider?

A naturopathic physician can be a primary care provider in Washington State.  However Dr. McClintock is not offering primary care services at this time.  This means she will not manage all of your screening exams and referrals.  Naturopathic Physicians have some limitations in their ability to provide primary care.  For example, they do not have hospital admitting privileges.  For this reason, it is in your best interest to have a relationship with a conventional primary care provider.  Dr. McClintock is happy to communicate with your primary care provider and share records at your request.

Are supplements prescribed by my naturopath covered by insurance?

No. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover supplements at this time.  However, if you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA), those funds can be used to purchase supplements prescribed by a naturopathic physician.  Please let your provider know what documentation you need to use your HSA or FSA funds.

Professional grade nutraceuticals prescribed by your Naturopathic Physician may not be subject to taxes.

Are labs ordered by my naturopath covered by my insurance?

Yes and no.  Routine labs ordered through a local hospital lab are typically covered by insurance per your lab.  Sometimes naturopaths order specialty labs that are not eligible for insurance coverage.  Those would be things like food sensitivity testing, salivary hormone testing, genetic testing, some stool testing and urine neurotransmitter testing.  You will always be notified in advance if one of the specialty labs is indicated and have the option of declining it if you wish.

How often will I need to visit my naturopath?

This varies on a case by case visit. In general there will be a follow up 2-3 weeks after your initial visit to see how you are doing on your treatment plan and make any adjustments if needed.  After that your visits will likely be spread out more.  If Dr. McClintock is managing a prescription medication for you, such as thyroid or hormone replacement, you will be expected to follow up every 3-6 months to maintain that prescription.

Can I obtain an authorization for medical marijuana at Walla Walla Naturopathic?

No.  Dr. McClintock has not undergone the training required to be able to write authorizations for medical marijuana.  She is not planning to take that training.

Can naturopathic medicine help my specific condition?

In most cases naturopathic medicine can help you better achieve optimal health.  However, there are some instances where natural medicine may not be a good fit. If you are wondering whether Dr. McClintock can help you, feel free to schedule a 10 minute phone consult to better determine if our practice is the right fit for you.