Professional Grade Supplements

Professional Grade Supplements


Walla Walla Naturopathic On-Line Dispensary:
Professional Grade Supplements through FullScript.

  • We prescribe only the best quality supplements at the best price to the patient.
  • Supplements prescribed by a Naturopathic Physician in Washington State are not subject to sales tax.
  • Free shippping on orders over $49.00‚Äč
  • We support companies that have third party independent certification to verify quality of the product.

Professional grade supplements available to licensed health care professionals are regulated by independent verifying bodies to ensure quality, quantity and purity of the supplement. This allows you to know what you are getting for your consumer dollar as well as ensures that what you are putting in your body is safe and effective.

Over the counter supplements are not regulated by the FDA. Multiple consumer safety studies show their amounts of active incredients vary widely and contaminants can be present. There is no way for your Naturopathic Physician to assess the quality of unregulated supplements.

We do not work with any multi-level marketing companies. Every effort is made to find the best quality and most cost effective supplements to our patients.